Serving God is the most fulfilling thing anyone can do. It is fulfilling your life’s purpose, one small step at a time. Serving Him is an important part of any Christian’s life, along with prayer, worship, Bible study, fellowship and evangelism. One way to serve God is through and in the church.

There are plenty of opportunities to serve Jesus at Calvary. We encourage you to pray and get involved. You’ll be blessed as you follow Him. Browse the ministry section and ask around for opportunities. It may look like nothing needs to be done, but that’s usually not the case.

We encourage you to sit and rest in service for about the first six months of your time here at Calvary. We want you to hear from the Lord and be strengthened and edified before you take on anything. We’re confident that as you do this, the Lord will show you where and when to step out.

When you’re ready, download and fill out the Servant’s Application and submit it to the office or the pastor who oversees that area of ministry. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anyone with a nametag lanyard or drop us a line at gro.yncoyravlacnull@ofni.

There are five documents in the form. Two are the requirements and overview of what we believe. There are two forms to fill out for personal information and ministry questions. The last is for those interested in serving in Childrens or HAVEN youth ministry.

The applications are available in the office. Stop in and ask for the ones you need for the areas you’d like to serve in!

Servant Requirements

Servant Level:

  • Must be a “born again” believer in Jesus Christ
  • Attending Calvary Chapel at least three months
  • Complete Servant Information Form
  • Interview with ministry overseer

Highly suggested for all Servants

  • Attend the New Believers class
  • Watch the “Venture in Faith” video or attend class
  • Watch or read “Calvary Distinctives” by Chuck Smith
  • Read “The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel”

Children/Youth Workers Level

  • Complete Servant Level Requirements
  • Complete Ministry Questionnaire with Children and Youth Ministry Addendum
  • Elder Interview

Highly suggested for all Children/Youth Workers

  • Read “Charisma vs. Charismania”
  • Elder Interview
Ministry Level

  • Complete both the Servant Information & Ministry Questionnaire
  • Actively involved in CCOC ministry for 2 years
  • Meet requirements of Deacon/Overseer based in
    1 Timothy 3
  • Must have Pastoral approval

Highly suggested for all Ministry Positions

  • Read “Answers for Today” by Chuck Smith
  • Read “Calvinism, Arminianism and the Word of God” by Chuck Smith

Additional Suggested reading:

  • Harvest
  • Why Grace Changes Everything by Chuck Smith
  • The Man God Uses by Chuck Smith
  • Effective Prayer

Good Websites