Important Message

Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus.



Baptism is the sign of a believer in Jesus associating with Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Bible talks about being baptized, not as a way to be saved from sin, but as an answer of a clean conscience toward God (1st Peter 3:21). It is similar to a wedding ceremony.

If you just came to know the Lord, or have been a Christian for any amount of time and haven’t been baptized, we, and the Bible, say do it! It’s not necessary to be saved, but it is an important step in following the Lord and separating yourself from your old life.

We usually have baptisms several times per year, and try to do it publicly – like in the Bible. We have had baptisms in people’s pools, public pools, lakes and even the ocean. If you’d like to be baptized, or just want more information, please see a pastor or deacon or get in touch.