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Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Baby Dedications

Having a new child is certainly a blessing! If you feel led to do something more for your child, to pray for them and ceremonially dedicate their little life and how you raise them to Jesus, then a baby dedication is for you.

The Bible has a few examples of parents dedicating their child to God, such as Samuel. This isn’t infant baptism, nor does it mean the child is going to heaven, however, since children are a gift from God, it’s only fitting to give them back to Him and to vow to raise them in a godly manner and pray that they would dedicate their lives to knowing Him and making Him known.

Once you’ve spoken with a pastor and determined a date, before service a pastor will call you and your family up on stage, talk a bit about the decision, and then lead the church in a prayer for your child. It’s that simple!

If you’d like to dedicate your new baby, feel free to contact the church office at (845) 294-2881 or email gro.yncoyravlacnull@eciffo.