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About Calvary

The Calvary Chapel Movement

Many have described Calvary Chapel as a “middle ground” in Protestantism and that might be correct, but more accurately it is simply a “balanced” approach to learning about and worshipping God. It’s balanced because while we consider spiritual gifts to be existent, active and necessary for the church today, we believe that they must be exercised “decently and in order” as we are instructed in the New Testament. It is balanced because while we consider worship to be an important and necessary expression of the believer’s relationship
with Christ, we also believe that the verse-by-verse teaching of God’s Word must be the focus every time His people gather.

Calvary Chapel actually started as a small body of 25 believers in the late 1960’s pastored by Chuck Smith. That tiny church continued to grow and subsequently birthed many churches throughout the United States. Now there are over 1500 affiliated ministries worldwide.

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